Thursday, February 01, 2007

La mierda hits the fan: Part II

When I was an innocent MBA hopeful, I feel upon a rather well-written blog about life at IESE. One post in particular where the author was rambling about her issues sticked to me. Now, a year later, I am possessed with the same sentiment. Sure, I did say that I loved my fellow students, school, classes,etc. But frankly, I would like to leave everything and go on this very evening and go to a place where numbers don't matter, where internships are not the main topic of conversation. I know to go back to real life! Sure, I was enjoying the experience up till now but I think I've reached a threshold where I am just pissed! I am sick and tired (mostly tired). I would ramble for longer but I have a dinner now which I hope will put me in a much better mood! Alcohol seems to cure this type of problems!