Saturday, November 18, 2006

Return from the Dead

These past three months have been quite intense, a move across the world, the start of my MBA at IESE,etc. Many have asked me to keep on chronicling my journey. Well, while I would love to, it is much more difficult than anticipated. I salute all those who still do but with the countless cases we have to read, corporate events, Spanish classes, and most importantly social activities , it is just not that easy.
One thing I must say to prospective IESE students, the quality of the people there goes beyond their GMAT scores or previous employment records. I am not kidding when I say that more than 80% of the students of my class are "nice"people. Most are kind-hearted and generous. They are also very dedicated as exemplified by the results on the midterms. Since we get graded on a bell curve, this can have disastrous results for the ego!;-)

Until another lull, nos vemos!

un abrazo,



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