Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 To-Do List

Here are a few things I need to do this year

1.Go for the first time to Madrid
2. Attend a FC Barca game in Camp Nou
3. Go to Amsterdam for Queen's Day
4. Find a summer job
5. Sleep

A New Dawn

The 2nd term is starting soon. Banking and consulting interviews are nearly over. While I was very keen on interning in London at a bulge-bracket firm this summer, the reality is that I will not as I was unable to secure an offer. While I am understandly somewhat salty as I know I had a great product to sell, I do understand the inherent issues with recruiting and the luck of the draw factor. I did enjoy meeting everyone from all the banks I was courting so most likely I will see them next year again when it is time to dust myself up and try again.