Sunday, July 02, 2006

Os Campeaos Tanbem Chorran

The Champions Cry Too- There's this Brazilian telenovela with the title The Rich Cry Too.
I felt that such a title needed to be used for the tragedy that happened last Saturday. The Seleçao lost against Les Bleus, France's team-my personal nemesis. It's funny because i like everything French but I would never root for their football team-ever!
Oh well, that's life! I need to find a new team to support, Germany? I like beer and I always had fun everytime I visited the country.
I've done zero MBA-wise except learning more about a field that seems quite interesting.
In truth, I've been narrowing down where I would like to live in Barcelona. Les Corts, Sarría, and Gracía seem like good areas to settle down for the first year.
I am still debating whether to get a scooter or not.
Interestingly, many people have expressed their desire to come visit me when I am settled in Barcelona. I think the city is the main draw;-)
Let me get back to my sobbing because frankly, I still cannot stomach that it's over!
No more wearing Brasil jerseys and sporting Havaianas on my feet while rooting for Adriano, Kaká,Ronaldo,etc. I blame Ronaldinho and Ronaldo's chef! Brazil is still lucky I love this country because I am almost ready to tear my honorary Brazilian passport! :-(


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Marina said...

WOW! Growing up, I used to watch The Rich Cry Too religiously! I think it was the first soap opera that was dubbed to Russian. I was seriously OBSESSED!

At 5:27 PM, Blogger mbayisyen said...

Hey Marina,
I htink you watched the original version of the RIch Cry Too from Mexico. It's funny how in Latin America , they keep remaking the same soaps over and over again.
At least, they don't last decades like the American ones do.


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