Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Frenzy

Like most Haitians, I am a big fan of the Brazilian team ( the rest usually roots for Argentina). I've managed to watch all the Selecao games without having cable by watching them at my college bar. It's surreal to go back there 5 years later. $9 pitchers never sounded better!

In truth, I haven't been overly impressed by Ronaldhino &. co. However, I've been very happy for Ghana and T&T. I also have a soft spot for Ecuador. Basically, I am all about 3rd world teams ;-)

Speaking of 3rd world, once again, I was given bad news. An acquaintance, a young man of 26 years old was shot dead in front of his home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Seems like another wave of crimes has restarted in the Caribbean Black Pearl. With a new government, I was expecting changes. Yet, those changes are very slow to appear. I cannot imagine how many more whom I don't know are dying. I am really wondering if I will be able to spend Xmas back home after all.
I do miss my home country very much even though much has changed since I last lived there.

Where I live now, Montreal, is just going crazy this weekend. Madonna is performing twice this week ( only shows in Canada), the F1 race is this weekend as well and Quebec's National holiday is this week too. On top of the World Cup frenzy, it's just an insane weekend where people will spend and drink their hearts content.

For hip hop fans, I definitely recommend catching A-Trak's world tour in a city near you. A-Trak is a Mtl boy whose done well for himself by winning the DJ DMC Championship and joining Kanye West on tour recently. A-Trak performed in Barcelona last week with Dj Diplo (from M.I.A fame) and just killed it.

Preparation to move to Barcelona is just slow. I just blame the weather. It's too nice to go to the Spanish Consulate and wait hours for my student visa. I need to find roommates and a flat as well. Funny how time flies!


At 1:46 PM, Blogger mba_salsera said...

I hate to hear about such violence, it must be difficult listening to that about your own home. Sorry to hear it.

Good luck in Barcelona! Barcelona along with Buenos Aries are my two favorite cities in the world...thus far. I still have two more continents to conquer though :-)

At 2:22 PM, Blogger ... jacek ... said...

While I usually root for the underdog teams in any world cup, and really dislike seeing the same nations win. I can say that the Poles game v' Ecuador was a farce - we are a much better team that played horridly in that match. Regardless, it is the WC, and things like these happen. Anyways, my sentiments are now with the Ukranians, then the Spanish. :) And while it would be nice for an African Team or a new South American team to hoist the trophy, i dont think it will happen this time around, maybe in 2010 South Africa :)


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