Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I always wanted to volunteer in the old Montreal hilly area where I used to live as a student. It reminds me of back home. The higher one goes up the hill, the more expensive it gets. I am currently working at the bottom of the hill where a population from all over the world lives. Cote-des-Neiges, as it is known is known as the first place where immigrants choose to live when they first move in Montreal. Rent is cheap and appartments are of varying quality, some worse than others. Since I have free time these days, I now spend four hours every week helping area residents resist rent increases, learn more about welfare and other social programs,etc.
It fills me with joy to see that I am helping these people out. I could go and try to dissert about charity and how ultimatily giving is more rewarding to the one giving and not the one receiving but it's getting late.


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I have been working as volunteer but it was not a very hard work. Food destributions door-by-door but it was very good. It started as a school subject but after finishing the subject, I continued to work there.

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