Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Opportunity Cost/What is in a name?

I have learned the concept of opportunity cost in different classes I have taken so far from financial accounting, to Micro Economics. However, going to Business School will be the ultimate practical exercise of all the theory I have been exposed to.
I do know that an MBA program at a well-recognized brand is key if I want to get a decent return on my investment. Hard work once I am in is necessary as well.
Yet, I know it will hurt not to be able to afford little luxuries that I pay myself from time to time.
What if there is a phone/GPS/coffee maker that will come out in the next year? Or what if I have an urge to eat some tapas (again) at this little bar off Las Ramblas, Barcelona? Well, with the amount of vacations I get, even if I could buy a ticket, I wouldn't have the chance to go...

Some may wonder what this mish mash of letters MBAyisyen means. Well, it's fairly easy: MBA and Ayisyen, which is Haitian in Haitian Creole spelling. My home country holds a great space in my heart. That is where my heart is and I hope one day ( when? who knows? ) to be able to go back there and be one of the many who will propel our small republic into the sphere of economically viable nations.

I realize this should have been the topic of my first post...lol      


At 10:46 PM, Anonymous feliineParis said...

what's in a name is true alright..but question is also what's in those 3 little letters that we are after? MBA would we be able to put FeliineParis MBA? like FeliineParis Esq. or Dr. FeliineParis M.D? what guaranties that we have after these loans & investments? will this guaranty a return on our investments? will our profit margin rise at an even pace? will we breakeven somehow? or will we go for chapter 7? May be i should just get myself a job & be content of my little BBA in Finance & put FeliineParis BBA. Maybe... hum hum all those uncertainties in my little head...


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