Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Everybody be MBA'd Up

I always thought that an MBA would be the path towards a more managerial role. Yet, I was shocked to find out that some of my introverted old classmates are following that path. It strikes me as strange. I might still be somewhat confused by the whole signification of that degree and what one can achieve with it. However, why would someone who doens't seem to enjoy talking to people have an interest in such a degree.
I agree, this may come across as judgemental as everybody has different goals in life and I tend to believe that it is very hard to put oneself'in other people's shoes.

I quickly finished Snapshots from Hell. It was enjoyable although it felt like a textbook at times.
My main drawback was the Reagan Republicanism flavour of it all. It sounds good until you realise how unrealistic it is. It's funny because many of my friends, especially in the US and back home are bonafide Conservatives. Yet, I am more liberal. Sad to say but I have been very dillusionned by politics as right and left wing have completely lost their signification.

Sometimes, I wonder if I could evolve in a more corporate environment. I look the part yet I have a much more freer spirit than one could assume. I was raised in a simple environment where I was given values such as respect towards elders, deference, an open mind.
Somehow, it has helped me in my current career as I had to deal with very different individuals.
I can have lunch with the technicians and hold a normal conversation with them without feeling like I am too "above" them. I really despise individuals who by virtue of qualities that sometimes have nothing to do with their own merit feel like they are better than everyone.
I have unfortunately met a few these past few days and I know that I must have had a smirking smile whenever they were uttering their "I went to ....", "This wine is so much better than ....", "I don't like that area, there are too many .....",etc... Mind you, I love good food, I value education but ignorancce and prejudice I am not fond of.

OK, I'm done with my self-serving post of the month.


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