Monday, February 07, 2005

My Target Schools

On my list, I have put some of my target schools and frankly I feel I should be retitling it to my Dream Schools because there are onlye one of two where I feel I would have a decent choice of getting in. One of them in particular would very extremely economical for me and it doens't hurt that I am already enrolled in classes there. Sure, it's not a top-rated program but McGill still has a decent reputation around the world....

I started reading Snapshots from Hell and it's a great read so far. I am far from a poet since my background is EE. Therefore, the passages about math made me all warm and fuzzy inside instead of the expected fright that non-quants would have.. Frankly, I would feel more at ease in a program where quant skills are valued. Not to say I am not outgoing,etc...However, I prefer dealing more with numbers than feelings.

We'll see...


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