Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Columbia Visit

I finally visited CBS officially and now I see what other bloggers like Axechick and Marina saw in CBS. It's an amazing school! I was impressed by my host and other random students who were nice to me. I attended threee amazing classes: Emerging Financial Markets by Prof. Beim, High Performance Leadership by Prof. Feiner ( best class I've ever attended in my life), and the first year Marketing class with Prf. Hadwhar(sp). The student chat was great. The presentation as well.
Uris Hall is not the nicest building but that's NYC for you. Unless they start building in the Morningside Park, I don't see how they can get more space. I did learn that they plan on having anotehr b school building. One caveat is that during HPL I was shocked that so many students had never heard of terrel owens. I don't even like football but even I know who he is and I am more GQ than Sports Illustrated (ok, there's one issue of SI I read ;-). Speaking of the female gender, thanks to Columbia Women in Business, there are more women in the classes. All smart and accomplished but some are really cute as well, I couldn't help noticing. Speaking of that, I wonder how is the dating scene in the b school world. I assume many singles end up marrying fellow students. But yeah, ok, I think that I am rambling now.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Marina said...

So far I noticed that there are A LOT of married students

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Alex said...

any chance of posting your columbia visit report to the admissions wiki ?


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