Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Movie/Concert of the Week

I am a fan of David Cronenberg’s work, finding the time to see his latest, A History of Violence, in a theatre. It stars Viggo Mortensen, of that little known trilogy written by some dead guy called Tolkien and directed by Peter Jackson. This movie is not set in Hobbitville but rather in Anytown, USA. It does show how pernicious violence can be
and could be considered the first thinking man’s action movie.

I also went to see John Legend. Get his album, Get Lifted, people! It’s interesting to see that even if he is part of Kanye West’s posse, John exuded humbleness. The show was very enjoyable and the singer came across as simple and effective.
I don’t regret my evening. It was refreshing to see a young black man just being himself, not trying to play the role he is assigned by mainstream society.


At 8:17 PM, Anonymous guile said...

dang, mr mortensen is mesmerizing in a history of violence..


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