Friday, September 02, 2005

On Commuting, Katrina, and Knees

My first day commuting by bus and subway went pretty well. I actually got to read one full issue of the Economist! I have many that I barely had the chance to touch. The commute time is actually not that bad from my job to my place.
I think I made the right decision. We will see if I sing the same tune in late October!
This Katrina thing, call me sheltered (I just cut my cable) but I just happened to see the first images coming out of NO last night. I was amazed how desolate the situation is.
I feel a kinship to New Orleans, a city I never visited, because of the historical ties between Haiti and Louisiana. This has turned into a very unfortunate scenario, something I would expect to see more in my home country than in what is the most economically advanced country in the world.
I also started jogging again despite my bad right knee. I blame soccer but I only played for 3-4 years and I never managed to be a great soccer player so how in the hell am I having knee problems. One time, I went skiing and it was an ordeal.
I need to go see a specialist. Pain is not fun and I hope I can manage to keep staying active for years to comeā€¦


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