Thursday, September 01, 2005

Doing My Part

So I decided to do my part for the environment (and my pocket too) and started taking the bus to work. No more 10 minute car rides by myself in the morning allowing me to sleep in as much as possible. Armed with my bus pass, I can now mingle with the dozens of commuters with unhappy faces every single day and have the pleasure of riding the same bus back in the afternoon. I must admit, I like taking public transportation since I don’t like to drive. I just don’t like waiting for the bus. I think that in a distant future, a chauffeur would be appropriate.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during my vacation. It’s funny how one’s brain starts functioning normally when not in front of Excel spreadsheets every single day.  Intelligent conversation with people one respects is mental steroids but legal. Could I be an intellectual Sammy Sosa? How does one quantify “smarts” home runs? What do they consist of? Why am I speaking about baseball, a sport I don’t really know that much about? I blame my American friends…..
Speaking of Dominican Republic, many things are happening down there that are not pleasing to me. While I understand some of the backlash coming from the large number of illegal immigrants from Haiti, burning 3 Haitians is not justifiable in my book. I do hope 1937 will not happen again. I have many friends who live there now. Most likely, they are safe as they are from the middle classes. Yet, as Haitians, we are all one, from the slum dwellers to the Ivy-league-educated fellas. No worries, no plans of entering Haitian politics since technically, I am not even allowed to run.


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