Wednesday, June 22, 2005

INSEAD at McKinsey

So I went last night to an INSEAD presentation featuring a staff member and various alumni currently living in my city. The presentation was held at the McKinsey office in MTL.
While I knew most of what was discussed from reading the literature and the website, it was very enjoyable to interact directly with people who had gone through the experience.
1 thing that I had never considered was the need for a car at the Fontainebleau campus. I hate driving with a passion and to envision doing so in France and to pay European gas prices has increased my blood pressure tremendously. Consequently, I am more open towards the Singapore locale.      


At 10:21 PM, Blogger Forrest Gump said...

if you want to avoid driving, singapore is the best place to be....first, the govt doesnt promote car purchases, and then, the public transport is so nicely wired that you can practically travel from one place to another with just one cash-card (called the ee-zee-link card : EZLink)

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Mave said...

I'm not sure if you definitely need a car at FBL. Most students I interacted with were doing fine just with bicycles. Accommodation normally happens to be within a 5 km radius of the campus and if you do need to travel to Paris, the ocassional train/bus trip shouldn't be much of a cost burden. However, I'd suggest getting in touch with a current student to find out the specifics.

At 4:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don;t know who you know that did jsut fine with buicycles, but the MUST have lived in the town itself.

There are places to live in the town, but they are not as nice in general sa the places you get to live in in the countryside or neighbouring villages.

Most people who get by without a car have to beg friends for rides which is not too bad if you live in the town (as I did, jsut around the corner) but if you don't then you need a car, otherwise you have to continually ring around to get a lift from someone.

The weather is cold and wet in spring so you need a tin raincoat if you live outside the town.

I eventuially got a car to be more flexible in attending parties etc.

In short : if you live in fonty, you can get by by waling to school perhaos a bike sometimes, but it is miserable when wet and cold if you live a long way away. You can bum lifts from people and there are hundreds of people so that should not be an issue, there are always people going to the same party / dinner whop can give you a drive. But if you live in a nearby town, get a car. And live in the Macherin / Fleury area (nnorth of INSEAD thorugh a forest road) or Avon direction to avoid the horrific traffic jam at 8 am in the morning which hits everyone coming from the south.


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